Art2Gcode V2 goes live

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Art2Gcode V2 goes live

Postby Toolbotics » Thu May 25, 2017 12:00 pm

We're excited to announce that Art2Gcode version 2 is now online. And what's also exciting, is that it is fully compatible with Tooli G1.

There's lots of new user features including adjustable increment page rulers and grid lines, and onscreen position coordinates and dimensions. We've added some awesome new toolpath features such as automatic wear compensation for pencils and pastels, and a new Paintbrush feature that monitors stroke length ensuring the brush never runs dry. To help save time, calculating toolpaths is now done automatically - and you can also edit existing toolpaths.

We encourage all G1 users to use the new V2 modules, for all non-laser creations. The new V2 Multi-tool module incorporates all the features of the V1 Plot and V1 Dispense modules. The V1 Laser module has been updated to include all new user features. The other three V1 modules will remain online, but will not receive the upgrades.