Trouble Setting Tool Height

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Trouble Setting Tool Height

Postby see-n'-see » Sat Jul 02, 2016 7:52 pm

1. I put the pen in the tool-head with the bottom of the pen hanging 1" above the surface.
2. I select 2mm dip allowance and pen travels down (not touching the surface yet)
3. I loosen the head screws to lower the head so the pen is now touching the surface
4. I select "done" on the touch screen
5. Instead of the pen traveling upwards it travels down (and seemingly further than 2mm as it is now making strong contact with the surface)

Am I forgetting a step or doing it out of order?

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Re: Trouble Setting Tool Height

Postby Toolbotics Support » Sun Jul 03, 2016 1:05 am

Your procedure looks correct. It may be that the limit switch on the plotter tool-head needs adjusting. If after seeking limits the cam/slide assemble is not all the way to the top, the limit switch may be adjusted too high. The limit switch is spring mounted and easily adjusted.

To adjust the limit switch you will need a 2.5mm hex key, this is the mid size hex key supplied with Tooli. Insert the ball end of the hex key into the right side hole in the top cap of the plotter tool-head. Wiggle the hex key around until you feel it engage with the adjustment screw. Once engaged turn the hex key clockwise a quarter turn to lower the limit switch. You do not need to power-off Tooli for this procedure. Next have Tooli seek limits (you can do this in Utilities) and watch the plotter tool-head limit seeking sequence. You should see the cam rotate clockwise until the limit switch is triggered, then the cam will back away a short distance before rotating clockwise again. The cam/slide assemble should now be all the way at top. If this is not the case, lower the limit switch another quarter turn and test again.
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