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Updates to art2gcode

Postby kenn32707 » Mon May 01, 2017 5:41 pm

with the upcoming G2 tooli, will we be seeing update to the G1 Art2gcode pages. there was a bunch of request or wishes we wanted on the site such as a measuring tool or grid lines that measure and such. will art2gcode accommodate G1 and G2 Toolis' since G2 does not come with laser head..?

and if G1 Art2gcode page are at end of life support wise can we get the latest downloadable copy of art2gcode...


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Re: Updates to art2gcode

Postby Toolbotics » Tue May 02, 2017 4:14 am

With G2 we are releasing a new Art2Gcode module that incorporates all G2 features except the airbrush - the airbrush will remain a standalone module. The new module is titled 'Multi-tool' and reflects the renaming of the plotter toolhead to Multi-tool. As all tools and accessories make use of the Multi-tool toolhead (except the airbrush), we believe it makes sense to bring all features together in a single Art2Gcode module.

There will be some subtle changes to the GCode produced by the G2 Art2Gcode modules. These differences are mostly to allow for communicating via an app, as opposed to via the G1 touchscreen. Any G1 users who update their G1 firmware to the app version, will be able to use the new G2 Art2Gcode modules. The existing G1 Art2Gcode modules will be updated so that they support both the touchscreen and app G1 firmware versions.

Our software team is currently working on the new modules, and adding rulers/grid is on their 'must-do' list. We will also add any new user features to the G1 modules.

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